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A Community Dedicated To Fests For Torchwood
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General Info

Hello! This is a fest community devoted to Torchwood (save for just one member-driven fest). We're friendly, we don't bite (unless you ask), and we love having new people. We welcome every character, we welcome every season. Please see our rules (you will be held to them even if you don't read them so please read them!) and any questions, message the mods!

Note that fest participation is for members and that pieces posted that are above PG-13 are member locked. Membership is for 18+ to comply with some local laws in some areas. When you are applying for membership, you need to have an age statement ready or you're membership will be be denied!

So what fests are we talking about?


We have several fests through out the year, though how many is up to our participants. We have a few definitive fests that always happen (unless RL is really super mean) and the rest of the time/fests are up to our members usually. In all of our fests, we welcome fic, drawings, manips, icons, vids, etc. This is a no worry, stress free fest community. All dates for the fests are fluid, determined by the calendar and RL scheduling.

1. Art Fest: This one is held in the late spring/early summer and designed specifically for artwork.

2. Halloween Fest: This one is held in the autumn, usually September to October. It's our scariest fest, calling on our members and watchers to give us their scariest prompts and our members to make them come to life.

3. December Exchange: This is an anonymous fest with sign ups in August, posting in December. It's usually our busiest, biggest fest with a bit of everything for everyone.

After the December exchange, we may have one or two fests in the late winter/early spring. This is determined by our members--whether it be one or two, if it's an exchange or prompt.

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